Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Have to Write BUT...

I have to write
but I have a job.
I have to write
but I have documents to file.
I have to write
but I need a cup of coffee.
I have to write
but I have bills to pay,
parents to call,
the dog to walk,
laundry to wash,
an apartment to clean
and get ready for the holiday season
Am I traveling for the holiday season?
Did I use all my sick days?
Did I ever use any vacation days!?
I've got too much I have to DO today,
every day
and somehow, someway
I've got to, HAVE to do my best
to get through the worst
I have to finish this poem first!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Twizzlers taste better than my pen.
So soft and strawberry-scented,
they bend to the will
of my powerful chomps,
freely offering a moment of satisfaction
whenever I wish; no arguing or resistance.
Meanwhile, my Bic Ultra
sits in between the molars of
my right jaw
rigid and demanding I GET TO WORK

Plus, the pen doesn't SNAP
when I pull it from my mouth.
It's tough love, unyielding in its
plastic coating
and nowhere close to
tasting as sweet.

Stephanie Rogers - November 1st, 2011