Sunday, January 22, 2012


Colds used to be easy.
Sure, your throat got sore,
you got feverish and itchy
and your head hurt when you opened
your eyes too wide.
But then, there was Mother
with a bowl of soup,
a jar of Vicks Vapo-Rub
and the soothing words
“No school for you today;
You’re going to stay with me
and get some rest.”

There was cough syrup for the coughing.
More blankets were tucked under your chin
to keep the chills away, and best of all,
the TV was brought into your room
so the next item up for bids
and the cheers of the next contestant
mixed in with the warmth provided by
the soup and the blankets,
lulling you to a peaceful place
where the cold would go away in time.

Today, colds are HARD.
Days of scheduling doctor’s appointments,
picking up medications,
loads of home remedies
if you’re not insured,
and if you want to keep what you have
until you can do better,
there’s no staying home.
So you drag yourself into the office
coughing and sneezing for
everyone to hear
because billable hours never sleep
and of course, they never…EVER…get sick.